Saturday, May 30, 2009

Transgendered teen dies (S&c)

This article is dating back to April 23,2009. A colorado man named Allen Andrade (32) decided to make a decision that was going to upset the gay/transgendered community and also a family when he decided to take away someones life because of their sexual orientation. Allen andreade met Justin zapata aka "Angie"(18) on a online social network , in the summer of 2008 where they arranged that Angie would pick up Allen back to her apartment where they spent 3 days. Allen saw some pictures that made him question Angie's sex he approached and confronted Angie . Angie assured him that she was all woman , somehow Allen discovered Angie's male genitalia.He lost control when he found out that she wasn't what she expected and murdered her. Allen first beat her to death then hit angie over the head with a fire extinguisher till she was dead . Then drove away with her car , police found Allen and the car two weeks later and arrested Allen for first degree manslaughter and was convicted life in prison without no parole , and on top of that the jury heard the jalihouse conversation that Allen had with his girlfriend and stated "all gay things must die". I am glad to hear that this criminal got what he deserve , and on angie's behalf I lament what has happened to her and her family.

Article by John spellman cnn

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