Friday, May 15, 2009

Anna's opinion corner

As shown in the previous post , it is stated that Gay individuals/couples have limited rights to adopt children. I feel that same sex couples should be granted the right to adopt children , I want to know the reason why can't homosexuals adopt? what exactly is wrong with them? besides the fact that their sexual orientation is different. I feel if they are stable in every way possible then why not? If anything I think that they would be very good parents to children ,because since they have limited rights and this would be a privillage they would'nt do anything to mess up their chances. I feel that they would be very thankful to be parents and because they can't just have children whenever they want like straight couples they would be more focused on being good parents.

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  1. I totally agree with you I don't see why gay people can't adopt children. The government which suppose to be and equal constitution to everyone is taking away some of their right just because they are gay i don't believe that is fair.