Friday, April 24, 2009

Gay adoption (s&c)

This article is dating back to October 31, 2008 , but it is discussing an issue that many curious people have been wondering about. Should gay individuals/couples be able to adopt?. A man named Frank Martin Gill has been a foster father to 2 boys from miami ,fl since 2004 and now has decided to take the next step and adopt them to become their adopted father.This has become an emotional court battle for Frank Martin Gill and to make things worst the children can be removed their current home with Frank. According to the state law of 1977 gay individuals/couples cannot adopt children.Gay individuals have a better chance and easier time to adopt because the court takes the issue more lightly than gay couples.As for Frank Gill he doesnt know what to expect but to hope for the best for both of his foster children and himself.
I feel that the state of florida would be very ignorant if they denied adoption to Frank Gill. He has been a father to both boys for quite some time now, I honestly don't see whats the big deal to just grant him official custody of both boys.If he's been doing a good job to provide for these kids then I don't see why can't he get the adoption. Also I don't see the difference from when he was a foster father to when he'll be an adopted father, he's gonna be doing pretty much the same thing if anything he'll possibly be better.

Ironic pregnancy. (l&c)

Though this article is 2 years old I still think this should be brought up. Mary Cheney (daughter of ex vice president dick cheney) had been expecting a baby with her gay partner of 15 years named Heather poe. Even though the ex-vice president has personal experience with neglected gay rights because if his daughter's situation , you would think that maybe the president and the vice president could work something out to compromise. Kind of ironic ?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

woot ! go miley & brit

Guess who's supporting gay rights??. yes it's Miley cyrus and Britney spears. I am proud of both of these young ladies have decided to support something hat would do some good to world and that they put their fame to good use and dissed Carrie prejan on twitter because Miss California (Carrie prejan)expressed her anti same -sex union opinion on the website and this what britney had to say
"Love is love! People should be able to do whatever makes them happy!" then later miley voiced her opinion and said "Jesus loves you and wants you to know how much he cares." Maybe their fans would look up to them and decide to also follow in their footsteps

Is this it? (s&c)

Gov.David A. Patterson introduced a bill to New york to legalize same sex marriage on April 16th he also vowed to involve himself in this debate to make this bill become into a law.In a conference in Manhatten he used the writings of the abolitionist movement of Harriet beecher stowe and the court case of Dred Scott to use to his defense and stated that New york has neglected civil rights to gays and lesbians for a quite a long time. It has been said that it the bill will go through tremendous obstacles in Albany. So far no further news of whether the bill has gone been reviewed in Albany , But Gov patterson is working on making this bill turn into a law and says that "“We have a duty to make sure equality exists for everyone.”

As a gay rights supporter i am very glad that finally someone stood up and went the extra mile to involve himself into bringing diversity together,I do wish that it will turn into a bill to finally end this issue that has been going on for a long time.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Proposition 8 california (l&c)

In this article I feel that it is very unfair because first california approved gay marriage then passed down "Propostion 8". Proposition 8 outlaws same sex marriage .This is very disheartening because just 4 months ago gay marriage was approved in the california state then 4 months later propostion 8 was passed and approved. Propostion 8 must have been a big dissapointment to the gay community because here is the california law saying that Gay marriage is approved then in just a matter of what seems like an instant that privillage is taken away.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Benefits to gay couples?? (s&c)

Should gay couples have rights to insurance benifits ? In this article "Obama on spot over a benifit to gay couples" by new york times writer Robert pear , it discusses how president Barack Obama is in a tough position in just 7 weeks into his presidency . He must decide whether gay couples are entitled to their benifits to same sex federal employee couples. In california two judges have already approved of this issue while the Federal office of personnel Management has denied this act.

I feel that president Barack Obama should approve of this same sex couple's benefits. I also feel like this article is important beacuse it adresses the issue that gay couples have beeen struggling with, they should be granted their insurance benefits because if something was to happen to them they would have insurance to help them out.