Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anna's opinion corner against hate crimes

Hate crimes are becoming an issue in the u.s and all over the world.I don't know
what satisfaction people get when they kill/beat someone just because of they're
gay , straight , black , asian , white, hispanic , etc. It was surprising to me when I was doing reasearch the other day and saw that 7,722 hate crimes were reported in 2006, not all of them were against Homosexuality. A reported 910 hate crimes were reported in 2006 both anti male and anti women homosexuality. 747 were men and 163 were women.I find this very ridiculous that people of all ages from 16- 40's are doing this to innocent people. They just have different sexual prefrences they're not commiting any crimes or disobeying the law in any way , and to think that every year it's increasing .

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