Saturday, May 30, 2009

gay shelter gets beaten (L&c)

It seems that grown adults are not the only ones going around assaulting the gay community, teenagers are also making the same closeminded decision. Four teenagers were arrested for assault and harassment against a priest that runs a Queens shelter for the transgendered and gay youth . Some members of the shelter were also attacked , when father braxton came outside on monday night there they were attacking the members of the shelter, father braxton yelled at them and they fled. The four teenagers came back with a paint bucket ,steel brackets and a belt , they then proceeded to attack two of the residents and the priest. Father braxton and the injures residents suffered only minor injuries. The Priest said that they used gay and homophobic slurs against them . So it seems that not only Adults are joining the gay hate crime , young children are doing it as well , this is what happens when the younger generation is exposed to this kind of behavior . They get influenced by this sort of behavior and think that they're not doing anything wrong if other people get to doit. All I have to say it's just a matter of time till you get caught for this sort of behavior .

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