Saturday, May 30, 2009

100,000 dollars against gay marriage (L&c)

This article is about how The national Organization for mariage is making ads to prevent same sex marriage from being legal. This organization is a conservative christian group that has been fighting efforts from gay marriage being legal in california and the northeast , because both places is where there is the most gay couples and has more liberal views on politics. This organization has sight set on launching their commercial in new york .Supposedly this commercial is suppose to show the possible consequences that the new york might face if they allow partners of the same sex to marry. The organization stated "it’s not just kids who face consequences",“The rights of people who believe marriage means a man and a woman will no longer matter. We’ll have to accept gay marriage whether we like it or not.” The organization said that its initial as spending that includes the commercial and a radio spot runs about to over 100,000 dollars. This is absolutly ridiculous , people are willing to spend 100.000 dollars to go against something that is for a good cause.

Anna's opinion corner

This post is going to adress the issue that was brought up on the previous post.About how gay marriage can benefit the economy as well as the gay couples, I feel that this was one of the best analysis that the state if new york ever made. It's actually a good analysis because I don't think that this was revelant to people , everyone is so caught up in finding the bad things about gay marriage that they didn't see that in fact this would be good all around.I hope that the senate would see the good in this. Why are people being so incompentent about this situation? this question still makes me wonder , what is the government waiting for to approve this bill ? We have come a long way from where we were a couple of years ago when we had a different president from a different political party.Now that we have a different party from a different ethnic background anything is possible.

Same sex marriage helping the economy (s&c)

So a new analysis shows that if same sex marriage was to become legal that it would also help
the economy. The New york comptroller's office concluded that if homosexuality marriage was legal the economy would gain up to 210 million for the next three years, But the analysis also concluded that providing benefits to gay couples would be an estimate of 69 million over the next three years. And only 37 million being paid by businesses in NYC. The article also stated that Newyork state would actually benefit the economy if gay marriage was passed down. So not only would same sex marriage be good for couples , it would also be good for the economy . This seems like it gives more of a reason to make the bill into a law , unfortunatly the gay right advocates dont have enough support from the senate to push this bill through . The bill is making it's way through albany, but there still is some doubt that the state senate would approve it. I feel like the senate is being very stubborn about the same sex marriage idea , finally there is more than one reasont to make the bill legal but it still seems like there will never be justice for minorities . Not only does this issue benefit the people but it also would help the economy , I think that this bill should be passed down because in this moment and time the economy is delicate and we need all the help we can get . Article by: Jeremy W. peters Source : daily news May 26, 2009

gay shelter gets beaten (L&c)

It seems that grown adults are not the only ones going around assaulting the gay community, teenagers are also making the same closeminded decision. Four teenagers were arrested for assault and harassment against a priest that runs a Queens shelter for the transgendered and gay youth . Some members of the shelter were also attacked , when father braxton came outside on monday night there they were attacking the members of the shelter, father braxton yelled at them and they fled. The four teenagers came back with a paint bucket ,steel brackets and a belt , they then proceeded to attack two of the residents and the priest. Father braxton and the injures residents suffered only minor injuries. The Priest said that they used gay and homophobic slurs against them . So it seems that not only Adults are joining the gay hate crime , young children are doing it as well , this is what happens when the younger generation is exposed to this kind of behavior . They get influenced by this sort of behavior and think that they're not doing anything wrong if other people get to doit. All I have to say it's just a matter of time till you get caught for this sort of behavior .

Transgendered teen dies (S&c)

This article is dating back to April 23,2009. A colorado man named Allen Andrade (32) decided to make a decision that was going to upset the gay/transgendered community and also a family when he decided to take away someones life because of their sexual orientation. Allen andreade met Justin zapata aka "Angie"(18) on a online social network , in the summer of 2008 where they arranged that Angie would pick up Allen back to her apartment where they spent 3 days. Allen saw some pictures that made him question Angie's sex he approached and confronted Angie . Angie assured him that she was all woman , somehow Allen discovered Angie's male genitalia.He lost control when he found out that she wasn't what she expected and murdered her. Allen first beat her to death then hit angie over the head with a fire extinguisher till she was dead . Then drove away with her car , police found Allen and the car two weeks later and arrested Allen for first degree manslaughter and was convicted life in prison without no parole , and on top of that the jury heard the jalihouse conversation that Allen had with his girlfriend and stated "all gay things must die". I am glad to hear that this criminal got what he deserve , and on angie's behalf I lament what has happened to her and her family.

Article by John spellman cnn

Anna's opinion corner against hate crimes

Hate crimes are becoming an issue in the u.s and all over the world.I don't know
what satisfaction people get when they kill/beat someone just because of they're
gay , straight , black , asian , white, hispanic , etc. It was surprising to me when I was doing reasearch the other day and saw that 7,722 hate crimes were reported in 2006, not all of them were against Homosexuality. A reported 910 hate crimes were reported in 2006 both anti male and anti women homosexuality. 747 were men and 163 were women.I find this very ridiculous that people of all ages from 16- 40's are doing this to innocent people. They just have different sexual prefrences they're not commiting any crimes or disobeying the law in any way , and to think that every year it's increasing .

Friday, May 15, 2009

N.y the 6th gay approval state? (l&c)

On May 12th,2009 the state assembly approved legislation that would make New york the sixth state to allow gay marriage. It's amazing how the assembly changed their mind , because in 2007 they went against this decision. But on tuesday they went in favor of the bill . It seems like congress is beginning to be more open minded about others happiness. Allan Van Capelle the executive pride director said this "Marriage equality should not be a political issue. It is too important; it affects too many people.” I couldnt agree more with this statement. But there is some pressure going on with the conservative party they have threatened to take away their party afilliation and their ballot line for any politician that votes for same sex marriage. This is just very sad to hear , finally when justice is to be served for the diverse community there is always something that threatens the chance of equality happening.