Saturday, May 30, 2009

100,000 dollars against gay marriage (L&c)

This article is about how The national Organization for mariage is making ads to prevent same sex marriage from being legal. This organization is a conservative christian group that has been fighting efforts from gay marriage being legal in california and the northeast , because both places is where there is the most gay couples and has more liberal views on politics. This organization has sight set on launching their commercial in new york .Supposedly this commercial is suppose to show the possible consequences that the new york might face if they allow partners of the same sex to marry. The organization stated "it’s not just kids who face consequences",“The rights of people who believe marriage means a man and a woman will no longer matter. We’ll have to accept gay marriage whether we like it or not.” The organization said that its initial as spending that includes the commercial and a radio spot runs about to over 100,000 dollars. This is absolutly ridiculous , people are willing to spend 100.000 dollars to go against something that is for a good cause.

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