Saturday, May 30, 2009

Same sex marriage helping the economy (s&c)

So a new analysis shows that if same sex marriage was to become legal that it would also help
the economy. The New york comptroller's office concluded that if homosexuality marriage was legal the economy would gain up to 210 million for the next three years, But the analysis also concluded that providing benefits to gay couples would be an estimate of 69 million over the next three years. And only 37 million being paid by businesses in NYC. The article also stated that Newyork state would actually benefit the economy if gay marriage was passed down. So not only would same sex marriage be good for couples , it would also be good for the economy . This seems like it gives more of a reason to make the bill into a law , unfortunatly the gay right advocates dont have enough support from the senate to push this bill through . The bill is making it's way through albany, but there still is some doubt that the state senate would approve it. I feel like the senate is being very stubborn about the same sex marriage idea , finally there is more than one reasont to make the bill legal but it still seems like there will never be justice for minorities . Not only does this issue benefit the people but it also would help the economy , I think that this bill should be passed down because in this moment and time the economy is delicate and we need all the help we can get . Article by: Jeremy W. peters Source : daily news May 26, 2009

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