Friday, May 15, 2009

N.y the 6th gay approval state? (l&c)

On May 12th,2009 the state assembly approved legislation that would make New york the sixth state to allow gay marriage. It's amazing how the assembly changed their mind , because in 2007 they went against this decision. But on tuesday they went in favor of the bill . It seems like congress is beginning to be more open minded about others happiness. Allan Van Capelle the executive pride director said this "Marriage equality should not be a political issue. It is too important; it affects too many people.” I couldnt agree more with this statement. But there is some pressure going on with the conservative party they have threatened to take away their party afilliation and their ballot line for any politician that votes for same sex marriage. This is just very sad to hear , finally when justice is to be served for the diverse community there is always something that threatens the chance of equality happening.

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  1. Excellent job reporting current information. Would love to hear some of your opinions on this issue.